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Carter’s Christian Academy (CCA), Inc is an interdenominational Christian School serving north Milwaukee and surrounding communities. CCA exists as a ministry to honor Christ by providing an excellent education for students, using a Bible-based curriculum for spiritual, academic, social & physical development. CCA provide children with an integrated academically excellent education that is well-balanced, comprehensive, and integrated with Biblical truths and principles within a nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

Carter’s Christian Academy’s mission statement is based on the scripture found in Luke 2:52. “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” We feel that within this scripture lies the heart of the existence of CCA.

We strive to see wisdom being developed at the elementary level as we instill in each child a love for God, learning and knowledge. A strong biblical foundation is used to assist them in developing Christian character that will enable them to handle the rigors of life with courage. This can be seen in the curriculum choices we make as teachers, administrators, and parents working together to make the best possible selections for our students. It is our goal to provide students with those skills basic to their future success-reading, math and language skills both oral and written. We provide a challenging curriculum in a loving, safe environment. It is in the elementary school that many of these subjects are introduced and then built upon in a logical manner so that, in the middle school years, students are able to apply and further develop these skills.

Each child is encouraged to develop in stature as the study of science, health and physical education is presented in an age appropriate manner in a Christian worldview. Scripture is integrated into the study of these subjects so that the student sees God as creator of our world and all that is in it.

CCA promotes a feeling of family, community, and a sense of belonging. Within this safe and friendly environment, students are able to explore many educational opportunities and develop their God-given potential.

We strive to instill strong Christian values in our students. These values are taken directly from the Bible as we seek to develop Christian character in each student. Students are encouraged to love one another, be truthful, kind and responsible to list just a few. Our teachers and staff are positive role models who grow in favor with man as they treat one another in an appropriate manner.


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